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How to Wash Your Face with Raw Honey

How to Wash Your Face with Raw Honey

Benefits of Washing Your Face with Honey

Benefits of Washing Your Face with Honey

When it comes to face washes, no matter what products we endorse or methods we employ, I think we are all in agreement about one thing: We just want it to work. We want clear, beautiful, healthy skin. We want the benefits. And wouldn’t it be better to get all this in the simplest (and cheapest) way? Considering all of these hopes, honey just may be the dream. There are no shortages of rave reviews for honey. Here are some of the claimed benefits:

Like Soap, but Nicer. Honey accomplishes much of what soap does, but in a gentler fashion. Traditional soaps can sometimes remove the good oils from our skin, while honey leaves the beneficial oils be.

Vitamins, minerals, and more. Vitamin B and C are known for being kind to the skin and honey is one way to bring these vitamins to your face. Honey also contains minerals and amino acids that bring their own sort of nourishment.

Elasticity. Honey has a way of preserving the skin’s natural oils. The more natural oils contained in the skin, the silkier, more elastic (and subsequently beautiful) your skin will appear.

Moisture. Just as honey helps to retain the natural oils of the skin, it also keeps the moisture in our skin. Honey is a natural humectant so it keeps our skin moisturized for long periods of time. This will help ward off dryness.

Wrinkle reducer. Honey, with its moisturizing and preservation properties, keeps the skin smooth and moist. When the skin is smooth and moist (i.e., not dry) it appears younger and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Antioxidants. Antioxidants are known for a lot of things. Most of their fame comes from a long list of benefits to body, beauty, and health. In the case of honey and your face, antioxidants and their super properties help to keep you looking young by preventing some causes of premature aging.

Acne treatment. Those of us suffering from acne are sick of hearing about miracle cures for the skin irritations that so painfully plague our every day life. Well, here’s one more, but at the very least this claim is a healthy and natural suggestion. Honey is supposedly ideal for acne-affected and oily skin. Honey is often used as an antibacterial, which suggests it will keep pores clean and less likely to break out (Living Traditionally).

Which brings us to our next point: Should we believe the claims of honey as a face treatment, how exactly do we bring these benefits to our skin?

Here are some honey facial recipes that you would want to try. Most of these require only a few ingredients, and are easy to make and prepare.

  1. Honey Face Wash for Acne

Perhaps the most popular use of honey for the skin is as a treatment for acne. There are many variations from super simple to dizzyingly complex. We’ll first take a look at a delightfully simple method for using honey as a skin treatment, courtesy of Wellness Mama. It’s so simple you won’t be needing any other ingredient except for raw and organic honey. For the procedure, you’ll simply dap honey on your face, and rub onto the skin using small circles. You’ll have to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing with warm water.

  1. Honey and Coconut Oil Face Wash

Dr. Axe shares this amazing recipe that’s packed with probiotics, and can therefore invigorate the skin. It has tea tree oil that combats pimple-causing bacteria and honey to soothe the skin and keep it moisturized. You’ll also be needing other ingredients known for their excellent skincare benefits like coconut oil, apple cider vinegar and melaleuca essential oil. Although you’ll be needing more ingredients with this recipe compared to the first one, the procedure is very easy. Just mix everything up, preferably with a blender. Then you can store it in a bottle, and take out whenever you’re ready to use.

  1. Manuka Honey and Apple Cider Vinegar Acne Mask

A simple face mask with potent ingredients—this is what Humble Bee and Me’s honey and apple cider vinegar is all about. It has all the beneficial enzymes that your skin needs to fight off acne and at the same time, keep it fresh and rejuvenated. The author shares that Manuka is even more powerful than regular honey because the bees that made this particular honey fed on the Manuka tree flowers, known for their strong antibacterial qualities. Apple cider vinegar, meanwhile, has the right acidic pH level that exfoliates and freshens up the skin. You can get the full recipe and instructions here.

  1. Honey and Lemon Facial Mask

This recipe from The Every Girl is the perfect solution for uneven skin tone. If you’re having problems with hyperpigmentation or dark spots on your face, applying this all-natural mask will surely brighten up things for you. Honey will leave your skin clean, fresh and moisturized while lemon’s AHA and BHA will effectively get rid of dead skin cells and lighten complexion. This mask can also help clear acne and blackheads. The blog author also shares a useful tip on how to prepare the skin before using this or any other face mask. And it’s to pour hot water in a bowl and put your face above it to help open up the pores.

  1. DIY Homemade Honey Facial Wash

The author of Live Simply admits that while she’s a big fan of oil cleansing (cleansing the face with nourishing oils), there are times when she’s too lazy for this skincare routine. And whenever she is, she prefers the ease and convenience of a homemade facial wash. Her favorite is her own recipe made with only four ingredients: raw honey, castile soap, nourishing skin oil and water. Honey does its job in cleansing the face and drawing in moisture while the other ingredients help dissolve the dirt and grime on the skin, leaving it clear and fresh.

  1. DIY Honey Mask and Scrub

This facial wash and scrub from XO Vain is pretty much like the beauty recipe from The Every Girl but with the addition of brown sugar for exfoliation. The author shares that if you have sensitive skin, you have to be wary of any chemical exfoliants. You should also be careful even when using natural ingredients. Dosage, according to her, is crucial since many natural ingredients are highly concentrated and should be used with caution. Take note that honey has a pH level ranging from3.5 to 6 so it can be pretty acidic when mixed with lemon juice. Patch test it first on the inside of your forearm before using.

  1. Blemish-Fighting Face Mask

The Daily Makeover shares 5 DIY honey beauty recipes but the one we love most is this DIY face mask that’s super effective for fighting acne. To make this, you’ll need to prepare cinnamon, nutmeg, raw honey and lemon. What you’ll love about this pimple-fighting facial mask is that it can help clear up the skin, and at the same time, keep it from drying. That’s because honey is a natural moisturizer while cinnamon is a “gentle drying agent” which even promotes blood flow to the skin. It works even for very sensitive skin types.

  1. DIY Wheatgrass and Honey Face Mask

Dear Crissy combines the powers of wheatgrass and honey to make this amazing homemade facial mask that’s loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It has everything your skin needs to detoxify and rejuvenate. And because it only requires two ingredients, it’s very easy and convenient to prepare. This beauty recipe can be used once or twice a week, for 10 to 20 minutes. It all depends on how sensitive your skin is. The blog author recommends testing this product at the back of your hand before using it on your face.

  1. Rose Oil and Honey Facial Mask

According to Honey.com, it’s a good idea to mix honey with rose oil, as rose oil opens up the skin to make it easier to absorb the nutrients from honey. Create this facial mask by combining honey, rose oil, vitamin E oil and sweet almond oil. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that keeps the skin young while sweet almond oil is an efficient way to nourish and soften the skin. After applying this mask, let it sit for 15 minutes before rinsing off with lukewarm water.

  1. Honey Avocado Face Mask

From Nutrition Stripped comes this incredible face mask that will surely rejuvenate your tired and dull skin. It’s made with avocado, honey, oatmeal, apple cider vinegar and lemon juice. Avocado, as you know is loaded with antioxidants like vitamin E that freshens up the skin. Both lemon juice and apple cider vinegar contain citric acid that removes dark spots and even out skin tone. Apple cider vinegar is also an anti-inflammatory that reduces acne breakouts. Oatmeal is an excellent exfoliant that also soothes the skin.

  1. Oatmeal, Honey and Banana Scrub Mask

A wonderful way to enhance beauty is with this scrub mask that’s both for exfoliating and soothing the skin. The oats are meant to rub off the dry and dead skin cells effectively but gently. Not only that, oats contain amino acids that can repair damaged skin and ward off blemishes. Honey, meanwhile, is antibacterial and moisturizing, which can help keep the skin looking fresh and young. And on top of these, bananas are loaded with nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin E that boost skin health.

  1. Organic Coffee and Honey Face Mask

Spa Finder shares this terrific recipe for energizing and soothing the skin. As it turns out, coffee is more than just for perking up a lazy morning. It can also offer fantastic benefits for the skin, including reducing inflammation and redness, stimulating blood flow, and tightening skin. Combined with honey, it will surely do a wonderful job in livening up tired and puffy skin, and keeping skin hydrated.

  1. DIY Raw Honey and Lavender Face Mask

Here’s a superb beauty recipe that combines the healing and moisturizing powers of raw honey and lavender essential oil. Lavender is packed with antimicrobial, antibacterial, calming and soothing properties that will surely revive dull and lackluster skin. It works so well with honey, which does its part by sealing in moisture in the skin, and neutralizing damage done by free radicals.

  1. Homemade Coconut Milk and Honey Facial Wash

Hello Glow shows us why it’s a fabulous idea to combine coconut milk and honey for your beauty routine. Coconut milk pampers the skin like no other, thanks to its moisturizing properties. It’s also loaded with vitamins, minerals, and proteins that can boost skin health and improve elasticity of the skin to reduce sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. Then of course, gooey honey as you know does excellent things to your skin, zapping zits away and keeping it soft and supple.

  1. Honey Cinnamon Acne-Fighting Face Mask

The author at Hella Wella talks about how effective honey is as spot treatment for acne. She shares three wonderful recipes that you can try out. The last one, which involves the use of cinnamon, is a must-not-miss. After all, cinnamon is a super effective zit treatment that will leave your face clean and blemish free. Like honey, cinnamon is also antibacterial so it means that it will kill the bacteria causing acne flare-ups. It can also promote proper flow of blood and oxygen to the skin, and in turn, helps open up pores and reduce clogging. Find the full recipe here.

  1. Avocado Oil and Honey Homemade Facial Cleanser

Carly of Modern Hippie Housewife shares how her eczema and hormonal pimples have reduced significantly after she used this excellent recipe that she concocted herself. This DIY facial cleanser made from avocado oil, honey and castile soap. She explains that oil cleansing works because it not only massages the skin but also helps dissolve those impurities that have hardened and gotten stuck in your pores. Avocado oil is a great choice as it penetrates the skin more easily than other types of plant oils.

  1. Honey Clay Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin

It can be challenging for women with sensitive and acne-prone skin to find a facial cleanser that’s gentle enough not to dry out or irritate the skin, according to Tash of Holistic Health Herbalist. She further explains that the emulsifiers and sulphates found in many commercial skin cleansers remove the skin’s natural defense. That’s why, she makes this recipe that can fight off acne while at the same time, keep skin fresh and healthy. It’s made of honey, clay and lavender of tea tree essential oil. For the clay, you can use any of the following: Rhassoul, Kaolin, French Green, or Bentonite clay.

  1. Peppermint and Honey Facial Toner

A guest blog writer at Mommy Potamus calls honey an “all-around miracle ingredient”. And it’s no wonder why. Among its many benefits, honey is an excellent natural exfoliant as it contains acids that loosen the glue that holds dead skin cells together. It also improves skin elasticity, gets rid of oiliness and promotes production of collagen. Peppermint essential oil, meanwhile, efficiently hydrates and nourishes even the dullest of skin. And because it’s suitable for any skin type, you can use it even if you have sensitive skin. For the full recipe, check out this post.

  1. Turmeric and Honey Facial Cleanser

Another fantastic honey facial cleanser from Dear Crissy is this one made of honey and turmeric. A magical beauty ingredient, turmeric does all sorts of great things to your skin. It can dramatically reduce acne breakouts and skin issue flare-ups. It’s an excellent way to tone down redness and inflammation. But since it’s a little bit spicy, it’s best to do a patch test first on a small area of your skin before using this mask on your face.

  1. DIY Honey and Jojoba Oil Cleanser

Lori of Our Heritage of Health says she’s never going back to drugstore products. She shares a lot of terrific homemade skincare recipes including this one made with honey and jojoba oil. Here’s the thing about jojoba oil: unlike other types of plant oils, this one is a lot like sebum, the waxy substance created by the glands of our skin. This is why, jojoba oil works as a natural skin conditioner.

  1. Honey and Thyme Cleanser for the Face

Did you know that there is a type of Greek honey made from thyme flowers? It’s famous for its high nutritional content. This is the primary ingredient in this nutrient-rich homemade facial cleanser from Mother Earth Living. If you can’t find any in your grocery store, you can use plain honey and simply add chopped fresh thyme. This facial cleanser is so versatile, it can also be used as shampoo to bring back your hair’s luster.

  1. All-Natural Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Honey Face Mask

Whenever your face needs some TLC, this is the concoction to make. Created by Liz Marie of the Liz Marie Blog, this beauty recipe is an excellent way to exfoliate the skin, brighten up complexion, clear up blemishes, and keep skin young and moisturized. It’s a “mini DIY facial” that’s so easy to do that you’d want to make it everyday. Liz Marie recommends using it once a week, although it’s gentle enough for everyday use.

  1. Dry Skin Buster Honey and Egg Face Mask

Total Beauty describes honey as “nature’s sweetest resource” and it’s the main star in this wonderful beauty recipe that’s excellent for fighting dry skin and blemishes like blackheads and pimples. Rich in protein, eggs are great for nourishing the skin, keeping it taut, and reducing the appearance of aging signs like wrinkles and fine lines. And because honey is very gentle, this face mask is suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

  1. Olive Oil and Honey Facial Cleanser

One of the best things about olive oil is that it penetrates deep into the skin, providing a layer of protection while keeping it soft, smooth and moisturized. It’s effective for nourishing the skin from within, as it is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. It’s not a surprise that olive oil has been used since the ancient Roman times. Even Cleopatra was known to use this oil that cleans away very easily. Find out from Modesty Plus Glamour how to make this simple but effective facial cleanser.

  1. Chlorella and Honey Facial Mask

This remarkable beauty recipe from Life In Blush makes use of chlorella, a single-celled aquatic plant overloaded with antioxidants and amino acids. The blog author calls it the “superstar in detoxifying the skin”. It even has high concentration of beta carotene, which does wonders in toning the skin and boosting blood circulation. It also makes use of raw honey, which works to absorb the unpleasant toxins and impurities from the pores; colostrum, which is packed with fatty acids, amino acids and glyconutrients; and frankincense, which promotes skin regeneration, evens out skin tone, and reduces aging signs.


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  1. Alison C

    Nov 21, 2015 at 2:38 pm

    I am so glad I found your post. These recipes are great and I will be trying each one of them depending on what I feel like and how much time I have. The Wellness Mama recipe is one I will be able to use every single day (well maybe not every day), but part of my day to day routine.

    However, on the weekend, I might try Dr Axe or HumbleBee’s recipe which is a little more complicated. The Dr Axe recipe looks awesome and I have yet to find anybody else that offers such a thorough recipe. Do you know many people that have tried this recipe?

    It must work because there are countless products online that you can buy, but why buy when you can make your own right? Plus, I would be weary of some of them. Some are cheaper than honey themselves, yet they make, package, produce and pay employees.

    So excited to try this. Will get my hubby to experiment with as well. He secretly loves this stuff.

    • epicraze

      Nov 21, 2015 at 2:46 pm

      Hi Alison,

      Really appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy this honey face wash. I don’t know many people, but know of a few, including myself. I think it works and I love the simplicity. There are many sites that recommend this type of face wash. It is very popular within the natural living world, but not so popular among everyday people. I would encourage experimenting with variations of honey recipes combined with essential oils etc to find which one works best with your skin type. With being a natural product, I doubt any harm would come from your attempts, although you cannot take my word on this :( Nothing tried, nothing gained.

  2. Ryan

    Nov 22, 2015 at 5:02 pm

    I completely agree with Alison. The ease of the ‘honey by itself’ recipe can be used at any time and for when we are feeling a little more ambitious, we can step up our game with variations. I love the thought of using essential oils.

    I suffer from very mild acne so the thought of using honey to treat acne is very appealing.

    • epicraze

      Nov 22, 2015 at 5:07 pm

      Hi Ryan,

      Essential oils are very popular within these kinds of recipes. It doesn’t even have to be essential oils. I have read that honey and olive oil for acne scars can work but this would need to be assessed on an individual basis.

      However if you are set on using essential oils, there are articles on using essential oils for acne breakouts that you could try. I might do another article digging into this a bit more but regardless, you can experiment with endless variations and use honey as your base. Just please remember to use raw honey when doing so.

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