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The content you find on this site comes from a combination of writers and user submissions. It is monetized through several methods, including paid advertising.

We believe in honesty about our marketing and our relationships with advertisers. We are honest about all sorts of things in fact. We want to be as transparent as possible especially when it comes to opinions, advertisements, and compensation. Whenever advertisers compensate us, our choice of advertisements, posts, and topics may potentially be influenced. You can always be sure that if we display sponsored content and advertising spaces they will be very clearly marked for what they are.

The blog owner(s) receive compensation for opinions on services or products, websites, or any other topic, which may be covered. But despite this compensation, authentic opinions, responses, and interpretations of topics and products will remain. The views and opinions shared and expressed on the site are those of the individual blogger in particular. Any specific claims, stats, quotes, or any other sort of product or service representation mentioned on our blog should be thoroughly checked against what the manufacturer or provider claims and provides.

In the event that our blog content poses a conflict of interest we will identify it as such.